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Weather Forecast

Today: Unstable in the second half of the day

Clouds will predominate and thundery showers will develop in the afternoon and become more frequent by the evening and during the night. The maximum temperatures range from 18° in the Wipptal to 24° in the Unterland.

Tomorrow: Sun and clouds, a few showers

Sun and clouds will alternate on Sunday. Local showers are possible in the second half of the day, especially in the centre and east. Temperatures rising with highs between 21° in Sterzing and 27° in the Bolzano basin.

Next days Weather forecasts: Warmer day by day

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Monday will be quite sunny after low clouds, with isolated thunderstorms developing in the second half of the day. Tuesday is expected to be more stable. Sunshine will predominate and the tendency to shower will increase only slightly in the afternoon. On Wednesday again very sunny with only a few clouds. Temperatures will rise. Thursday summer weather with much sunshine and some afternoon cumulus. The probability of thunderstorms will only increase slightly.

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